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Train 5 ways to prevent falls. In just 15 minutes.

We know that care providers have limited time to offer effective training programs. We also know that 78% of falls occur between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. and the most common location for fall events is by the bed. So, we analyzed 9,000 falls and developed these quick-to-train tactics, empowering care providers to in-service staff in a short amount of time and help reduce the risk of unwitnessed falls by the bedside.

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Our Fall Champion Hero is… Isabelle Fabrie Cottage Coordinator

It’s our pleasure to introduce you to Isabelle Fabrie, February’s Fall Champion Hero. For the last eleven years, Isabelle has been a Cottage Coordinator at Highgate at Prescott Lakes in Prescott, Arizona. It’s an impressive tenure, made even more admirable by her unwavering dedication to fall prevention and strong affection for every resident in her care.

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SafelyYou partners with LE3 Solutions for free resident engagement webinar

For February’s webinar, Reinvigorating Resident Engagement: New Ideas to Increase Inclusion and Reduce Fall Risk, we’ll be joined by Kelly Stranburg and Sara Kyle of LE3 Solutions. Kelly and Sara have over thirty years of combined experience in senior care and now develop programming dedicated to bringing joy, passion, and vitality to each individual resident experience. You can register for the webinar here.

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Our Fall Champion Hero is… Sook Jung, Caregiver

We’re proud to introduce Sook Jung, this month’s Fall Champion Hero and a Caregiver in the Garden House at Merrill Gardens Santa Maria. While Sook has only been in her position for a year, she’s already making a huge impact in her community and was called one of the team’s “most important and improved staff members” by Gary King, Garden House Director and Sook’s nominator.

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Discover how to balance growing care needs and shrinking care resources

In our January National Fall Huddle we’ll examine ways to improve and advance critical fall management programs while faced with resource limitations. We’ll explore free tools that help staff be more efficient and effective, both elevating quality of care and easing staff burden. And we’ll review case studies, providing fall prevention best practices you can implement immediately to make an impact in your communities and facilities.

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Our Fall Champion Hero is…Regan Clark, Lead Care Partner

It’s a great pleasure to welcome Regan Clark into the ranks of our Fall Champion Heroes—she’s the amazing member of senior living’s front line care staff we’re recognizing in December. Regan is a Lead Care Partner in The Cottage at Highgate Senior Living in Billings, Montana.

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